Thursday, July 20, 2006

Breast is best

The advantages of breastmilk are legion, but I can summarize them in one sentence: It's free, it offers complete and superior nutrition, it provides protection against many diseases and health disorders.

Yet many Filipino couples choose to bottle-feed their infants. Sometimes the reason is that the mother has to return to work, and is unaware that she can refrigerate her breastmilk and have it given to the child. More often though, Filipino couples think that infant formula is superior to breastfeeding, and spend hard-earned money -- up to P1,000 a week – on the milk powder. The reason is simple: They're victims of the relentlessmarketing campaigns of the milk companies.

The marketing campaigns could be even worse if it were not for the Milk Code, whose 20th anniversary we should be celebrating this year, given that it has saved the lives of countless children by regulating the promotion of infant formula.

Michael Tan opinion column Pinoy Kasi Philippine Daily Inquirer pA15 Online link:

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